Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My FAVORITE picture from the whole trip!

Isnt this the cutest picture ever?!! I LOVE IT! It shows perfectly how Lukas loved looking at all the fish and stuff at Sea World. He was mesmerized by everything and you could just tell his little brain was taking everything in and trying to figure out what everything was. We had the best time in San Diego. Lukas traveled very well and was a good boy everywhere we went. ( Whew!!!) He loved the plane ride and fell asleep both ways. He is a good little traveler these days. Here are some pics we took. I took so many pictures and there was no way I could post them all so here are some of my favorites. Thanks to Brian's family, who came with us, for putting up with us and sharing so many fun memories with us. We love you! Now that we are home I want to go on another vacation. But, that wont happen for awhile. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as we did.

Sea World

Their is a polar bear in this picture but he is sleeping. You can just see the back of him. I was bummed cause I really wanted to see it moving around and swim and stuff.

Lukas looking at the stingrays.

Lukas and this eel are having a stare down. Eels are really ugly creatures. Woulnt want to come across one of those in the wild.

This is us going through the shark tunnel. Their were sharks swimming all around us and Lukas was too busy looking at them so he wasnt looking at the camera.

This Lukas petting a stingray. Good thing they told us that their stingers were removed or I dont think I would have let him do this. Actually I wouldnt have pet them either. They are really cool though. Pretty slimy little buggers.

Shamu and Dolphin shows at Sea World

Lukas LOVED going to these shows. When they would jump out of the water, Lukas would clap and say "again, again." He loved Shamu so much that we bought him a stuffed Shamu and he would not let go of it. He sleeps with it every night now and I think it is his new favorite thing.

San Diego Zoo

Brian's mom and dad with our neice, Kloie.

My old college roomie, Tiffany.

I am so glad I got to meet up with Tiffany and her cute little family. She has 2 cute little boys and is pregnant with her 3rd kid. I wish we could have hung out more but our schedules didnt allow us too. But she was able to come to the zoo with us. It was fun to see you Tiff and meet your family! (That is her husband Jeff in the background with the camera.)

Beau, Rachael (Brian's sister), Kloie, Bently, and Olivia Ward.
Here are Lukas and me with Brian's sister's fam and Brian's mom. Lukas is hiding under his blanket cause he was getting ready for a nice long nap.
Lukas loved swinging with Bently at the park. He didnt want to get out of the swing. I need to get one of those in our backyard and it would provide hours of entertainment.

Lukas had a blast at the beach!

Lukas thought the water was chasing him so when the water would come up on the shore he would run away as fast as he could laughing really hard. He thought it was a game and this is the best picture I could get of it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

San Diego here we come!

So, I am so so so excited because on Monday we are flying out to San Diego! Brian has some work meeting out there and so Lukas and I decided that we would come long. We are going a few days before his meetings so we can play play play. We are going to SeaWorld ( which I am sure Lukas will LOVE! I will too cause I have never been there.), and the San Diego Zoo, and the beach, and whatever else we come across to do. Brian's parents and his sister and her family are going with us so it should be a lot of fun. All I can say is, we are in major need of a vacation and I cannot wait to be is some nice sunny weather. At least it better be sunny when we are there. I am also excited because I am going to catch up with my old roommate from college, Tiffany, who lives there. I havent seen her since I went to visit her in Hawaii like 6 years ago. It will be so fun to catch up with her. She was one of my favorite and funnest people to hang out with ever! Anyway, so I probably wont blog until we get back since I dont have anything to blog about right now. I will just be packing and doing laundry the next few days. But when we get back, I will put some pictures up from our trip. We are leaving Monday the 21st and coming back Saturday the 26th. I just hope I dont scare all the people away when I am in my swimsuit since I am like the whitest person EVER! Seriously i just dont tan and I dont try cause I just burn and then it hurts and peels off anyway. So why try? But it will be nice to be out in the sun. (Watch, with our luck it will rain everyday we are there.) So I guess I will start blogging again when we get back. Later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Silly Kid

At Grandma and Grandpa Singleton's house, they have this chair that goes up and down the stairs cause Brian's grandparents are living there right now and they cant walk up and down stairs. Lukas loves getting on and going for a ride. He would ride it all day if we let him.
I blew up this inflatable boat and Lukas thinks it is so fun to play with inside the house. Yesturday I came into the living room and found him like this. He was just chilling in it reading a book. I especially like how his leg is up on the side of the boat. He is really just relaxing and taking it easy.

Lukas LOVES Tractors!!!

Here are some cute pictures of Lukas with the tractor on Grandpa Singleton's farm. He absolutely had the best time. He says tractor like 100 times a day. These pics were taken last weekend when we were in Idaho Falls visiting. It was nice to play outside with him for a change. I think we have a future farmer on our hands. The first pic is Lukas with Grandpa and the second one is Lukas with Daddy inside the tractor. Gotta love those tractors.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008