Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just thought you should know.....

We are expecting baby #3 to come the end of April! Thats right...I am almost 17 weeks pregnant! Are you surprised? Well we were! But we couldnt be more excited for another little one to join our craziness. Brian and Lukas are sure that it is a boy and we find out on Dec. 6. So we shall see. I am a little nervous about having two kids only 20 months apart but I know we will be ok. (and busy!) Lukas is very excited to have another sibling and Lexi just doesnt have a clue what is going to happen. It will be fun though and we cant wait to meet the new little one come April! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! I know I am way excited for the upcoming holidays! (now that I am feeling better) Up until 12 weeks along I was pretty sick but now I am feeling tons better. Just way tired alot. Well, just thought you should know our exciting news. We will let you know boy or girl when we find out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Princess and Iron Man

So I thought I should probably put another post on here since I havent done one in a long time. i have a ton of pictures I could put on here but dont have time right now so here are just a few. The first one is my little girl after she was playing in the mud. She loves mud. It must have felt good on her cause she was rubbing it in her hair and just smiling the whole time. The rest of the pics are just a few from Halloween. We had a princess and an Iron Man. They were pretty cute and had fun at our ward's trunk or treat. I think we will have candy to last us the whole year!