Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Fun!!!

My family went to Heise one day to swim and since I dont have a swimsuit that fits right now, I just watched. (I know, boring. But lets face it.... I wouldnt look to great in a swimsuit right now anyway.) Sorry the top picture has a chain fence in front of it. I was sitting behind that so I couldnt get great pics. But Lukas sure loved jumping into the water. He is loving swimming these days.

These pics were taken at the elementay school playground where we all grew up. We thought it would be fun to take all the kids there and let them burn some energy. It was hot though so we didnt last too long.
Me and my sisters. We have to get pics together when we can cause we dont get together all at the same time very often. Arent my sisters gorgeous? Someday maybe I will be as skinny as they are. But right now I have an excuse to be big. Why not enjoy it huh?

Roastin some marshmellows and making smores in my parents backyard. They were sure yummy!

Here are my wonderful parents. The are the best. They are two of the best people I know. They hurried and finished their basement before the family got there so there would be enough room for everyone. The even bought a pool table down there which provided lots of entertainment for the grown ups.

Here is Lukas and Tacy bouncing around on some fun toys that Julie brought for everyone. They could bounce on these things for hours and not get bored of them. It was a great investment for them.

These last pics were taken when my dad was out weeding the garden one morning and got some help from the family. As you can see, Lukas and Ella did a great job playing in the dirt. They were nice and clean when they were done.
Well, these are just a few pics that I took with the family all here. Of course I couldnt post all the pics I took but I just wanted to out up a few of Lukas having fun with his family. He loved having them all here and he already misses them. I miss my family too and cant wait till the next get together. Whenever that will be....
Keep reading on for more pics of the 4th of July and my little bro coming home.

4th of July

This year we decided to do our own little fireworks show at my parents house. We invited Brian's family to come too so we had quite the crew of people out there. It was fun and the kids really enjoyed it. We thought this would be better then trying to get everyone to the Greenbelt to watch the big fireworks. It was nice to just hang out and laugh with everyone.

My grandma and I at the Rexburg parade. She is my last living grandparent and she is going strong!

My sisters and I stopping for a sister pic. Candace is holding her little girl Kambri. She is a cutie.
L to R: Shellie (sister in law), me, Candace, Julie, and Tina. ( I am looking a wider then the rest of them.)

This is how Lukas likes to go around these days. He knows he can always bum a ride off of his daddy. Arent my boys handsome?

Welcome Home!!!

My little bro made it home from his mission on July 3. It has been really fun having him home. He has changed alot but at the same time, he is still the same old Scott. We had quite the welcome crew at the airport. All my siblings and their kids were there and my parents and my grandma too. We all had on matching red shirts that my mom had made for our family reunion. You couldnt miss us. It was fun though. He gave an excellent talk in church last week and you can tell the difference that a mission has made in his life. Before his mission, he was really shy and hardly looked up when speaking and his talk last week was amazing. He hardly looked down at his notes and he was very confident. I love my little bro and I am so glad to have him home.