Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm a blog slacker!

I figure I better write something on here so you all will know we are still alive. I will post pictures soon....I promise. I have just been too tired to blog I guess. Sorry. But we are all doing well and happy as ever! We had a good Christmas. Got too spoiled as usual. Usually January goes by really slow but this January has flown by for me. Maybe its because I am pregnant and chasing a 17 month old around and trying to keep my 4 year old from being bored. Good times though. My kids are so fun and they are just growing up so fast. Brian started school again this semester so that keeps him somewhat busy. He is going to take one class online so he just has class on Thursday nights now instead of Thursday and Tuesday. So that is nice. Lukas is still enjoying preschool and is learning a ton. He says the funniest things. The other day we had a funny conversation with him. We asked him how he thought the baby came out of my tummy and his response was " I know. They use a tummy screwdriver and when they are done they use a tummy hammer!" He thought that was pretty clever and we had a good laugh over that. Lexi is also getting so funny. She has the funniest face expressions and loves doing whatever Lukas is doing. They are starting to play good together and so it is fun to watch. Not too much out of the ordinary is going on with us. (Which is not always a bad thing.) We do have something to look forward to that will be fun for our family. ( Besides having another baby:) My little brother Scott is engaged! His fiance, Sidney, is from the San Diego area so we get to go to San Diego in a month! We are all excited. Not that I really want to go being 32 weeks pregnant, but I guess u go when u can huh? He is getting married March 5 so we are going for a week and hopefully we will get to do some fun stuff while we are there. Now watch....I will get put on bed rest or something and wont be able to go. Ok..I shouldnt think like that. But that would stink! So ya, we are excited about that and we really like the girl Scott is marrying and think she will be a fun addition to our family. Anyway, that is kinda what has been going on with us. I will post some pictures real soon!