Friday, May 6, 2011

2 weeks !

Cant believe that my little Londyn is already 2 weeks old. She is such a sweet little thing and is fitting right along with our crazy family. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE her and are always trying to wake her up when she is sleeping. (Darn kids) But I know they are just excited that she is here. She is sleeping and eating good and hardly ever cries. I couldnt ask for a better baby. So here are some recent pics of the little squirt and in alot of them you can see why we have kinda nicknamed her BUG! She has the bug eyed look alot. So stinkin cute though!

Here are Lukas and Lexi reading to her. Lexi has taken a liking to her hat all the sudden and even wears it to bed. And this is her trademark face that she makes whenever I try to take her picture.