Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It might be early, but the tree is up !!!

So we usually dont put the tree up before Thanksgiving, but we thought it would be fun to this year. It seems like December goes by so fast that by the time you get your house decorated, it is time to take it all down. Plus Lukas has been asking to put if up everyday for the past week so we just did it. I am actually glad that it is done now. Lukas had so much fun helping and looking at all the different decorations. He actually did really good at putting on ornaments too. I am excited cause this is the first year he actually kinda understands Santa and everything and he really wants to sit on his lap and tell him he wants a train for Christmas. He has been so hyper too. I think he is really excited to see his cousins this week at Thanksgiving. Today we went to the store and he picked out some candy canes to give to his cousins and he is so excited to gve them to them. He keeps carrying them around and so hopefully they arent all broken by the time we get there. He is so funny. I am so thankful that I am his mommy. He is such a good little boy and so much fun. He has been so good through this whole eye thing. I couldnt ask for a better kid. We are all excited to see family this week and looking forward to having a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hope you all have a good one too. We have alot to be THANKFUL for. (I dont know why my pictures have such big spaces in between them sometimes. So, sorry if it is annoying.)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update on Lukas

First of all, I had to put a few funny pics on here. The other day, I came into the dining room and Lukas had set his dog on the my plate like she was eating. When I asked him what his dog was doing on my plate, he just told me that she was hungry. I guess he didnt want her to be left out. He thought he was pretty clever though. He laughed and laughed and kept saying, "you silly dog." At least I know if we ever get a real dog, it will get fed.

Here is Lukas just hanging on the couch looking out the window. Doesnt he look pretty relaxed? He was waiting for Brian to come home from work I think.
And here he is playing the "drums". So anyway, we took him to the eye doctor again last Tuesday and the Dr. told us that he looks like he is getting some eyesight back in his bad eye. So that is good! But then he said that it looks like we will still have to do the surgery to fix the crossing of the eye. Not so good! He wants Lukas to wear the patch and glasses for 3 more weeks to see if there are any signs of even more improvement and then we will talk about the surgery at his next visit which will be on Dec. 3. He said as long as he is being so good about wearing the patch and the glasses, we might as well see if we can get his eye working even more. He said the patch doesnt help the crossing of the eye and that is why will have to do the surgery. I guess the patch just helps the brain tell the eye that it needs to start working and by doing that you can regain some eyesight back in it. Pretty crazy huh?! But he told us the surgery isnt a big deal. It is done has a out patient surgery and he goes home the same day so he said not to worry alot over it. He must have seen the scared look on my face or something. So for now we are just doing the same thing and we will go in and see how things look in a couple of weeks. I was hoping we could be off the eye patch for Thanksgiving, but oh well. I think we are getting used to it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hunting time: 30 minutes
Shots Fired: 1
Singleton Family Record

Glasses and Halloween

So here are a couple of pics with Lukas and his glasses. Sorry he isnt smiling. I guess he wasnt in the mood to have his picture taken. (Which he usually isnt. He thinks it is funny to give me a hard time and not smile.) But he is doing really well with them. He doesnt act like it really bothers him having a patch and glasses. He is a good kid. I feel so bad though. Whenever I take him places, people just stare at him and I just want to say something but I dont. I shouldnt let it bother me but I dont like people staring at my kid like he is weird or something. But we have just about 2 more weeks until we go back to the doctor to find out if this helped or not. We go on the 14th. I am still hoping that surgery isnt going to happen but we will just wait and see. His glasses are cute but having the patch on, it is hard for the glasses to stay up on his nose and so I am constantly pushing them up. And he has a cold so that doesnt help things. But we are doing well with them and he is handling it great!

Here are some pics we took on Halloween. He loved being a cowboy and showing off his horse riding skills. I think we should have made him a pirate but he was not going to give up his cowboy stuff so he was a cowboy with a patch. It made for a lot of questions though. People would ask if it was part of the costume. I should have just said yes and left them wondering.

We decorated cookies last night after going to the trunk or treat that our ward had. Lukas loved pouring the sprinkles on his cookie and just kept pouring and pouring.

This is him waiting or trick or treaters. He loved to answer the door and pass out the candy. When ever the doorbell rang, he ran as fast as he could and opened the door and would say "trick or treat" before the other kids could say it. I think sometimes it confused the kids and they werent sure if they should still say it after he did. It was funny.

Here is Lukas with his daddy at the trunk or treat. He made out with a ton of candy and he liked it cause Brian's parents and grandma came with us. So of course he showed off a ton for them.

These last pics are of Lukas at a party that he went to on Wednesday. A boy in our ward had a little get together and Lukas was so excited to go. They played a few games and ran around outside and made pictures of spiders by putting black paint on their hands and putting it on the paper. He had a lot of fun and laughed alot. So that was our Halloween. We hope you all had a good one too. Now we just have all this candy that I am sure will get eaten mostly by me.