Monday, June 28, 2010

Us at the Logan Temple

This past weekend we traveled to Logan, Ut for my cousins wedding and my brother, Scott, was nice enough to take a few pics for us. It was such a nice day and Lukas got to run around with some cousins and have fun. I had never been to this temple before and it is so beautiful! It is always fun to visit a temple that you have never been before. I got to go to the sealing and it was really nice. Brian was nice enough to stay out with our kids so I could go. I wish he could have been there, but what do you do. I am really sad that I didnt get any pics of the bride and groom (Go figure.) But they both looked really happy and I am happy for them. Well, here are a few pics of us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a few pics from the past month.....

I just LOVE my little ones! They are so stinkin fun. We are enjoying the warm weather and looking forward to next weekend when we have my family reunion! YEAH!!!! Cant wait to see all of my lovely sisters and Scott too. (Landon and his family wont be there and they will be missed)
Lexi has some major chubbs goin on and I love them! She is the funniest baby ever! She is finally crawling and she is so proud of herself. She is loving it and so am I!
Here is her very first ponytail. I know.... kinda pathetic but I had to try. It was so cute. It stuck straight up like it was scared! So fun!

This is Lukas and his cousin, Parker, at my parents house pretending to be cowboys. The arms of the couch were their horses and they got pretty intense will ridin them. It was quite funny I must say.
So a few weeks ago, the fire department had an open house and kids could come and learn about fire safety and see what fire fighter do, etc. Lukas loved it and he looked so cute in the little fireman outfit they had for kids so wear. He got a fake tattoo on his arm while he was there and that thing has lasted almost a month! Stinkin thing. He is pretty proud of it though so he doesnt let me rub it in the bath too hard. (Probably why it has lasted so long.)

Random : Today Lukas said to Brian "Dad, I bet when kids do nice things, Heavenly Father walks over to Jesus and they dance." (Brian didnt know how to respond to that one :) Silly boy. I dont know where he comes up with this stuff. Gotta love him though. He is such a sweetheart.