Monday, October 12, 2009

A Special Day

Our sweet little girl was blessed yesturday and it was a really good day. Brian gave a really nice blessing and she was a little angel all day. (She usually is a little angel all the time but I guess she just looked the part in her white dress.) My mom gave us her little dress and it is beautiful!!! My mom is the best!! We had some family and friends come and after church we had a little luncheon at our house. I was a little nervous about fitting all those people in our little house but it worked out just fine. Lukas had a blast running and playing with his cousins. Here are a few pictures of Lexi's big day. Isnt she just a precious little thing?! It truly was a special day and we couldnt love our two kids any more. They really are our sweet little angels from heaven.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Weekend Gettaway!!!

About a week and a half ago, we decided to just take a little weekend trip to Salt Lake City. We kinda decided on the spur of the moment so we didnt plan too much which was nice because we mostly just wanted to relax anyway. We went to Temple Square and took some pics out there. It was such a nice day and Lukas always loves looking at the temple. He kept asking if he could go in so he was kinda bummed that he couldnt but I think he had a good time anyway. (just keep in mind that I still have baby fat to lose so I dont look too wonderful in these pictures. I look like a chunky monkey. hee hee)

We were able to meet up with my sister, Candace and her two kids to go to the Dinosaur museum in Thanksgiving Point. Lukas LOVED it! He loved running around with his cousin, Parker, and they did alot of laughing. Those two boys are so cute!!!

They have a place with sand where the kids can dig for dino bones and I think Lukas liked this part the best. I bet him and Parker could have spent the whole day there just digging away.

Lukas wasnt too sure about these big sharks at first. But as long as he was on his daddy's shoulders, he seemed to be just fine. I dont blame him...they were kinda scary looking.

My sister Candace and her cute little girl, Kambri.

Here is Kambri meeting Lexi for the first time. I think they will be good buddies someday. They seemed to stare eachother down pretty good. Just planning some trouble they will get into together someday I am sure.

They also had this area where kids can play in sand and water and build things out of the sand. They got kinda dirty but hey, they are boys. You gotta let them get a little dirty every now and then right?

And last but not least... my precious little girl. She is getting so big and packing on the chubbs. She is getting some nice chubby cheeks and thighs. She is already 6 weeks old and I want her to stay little forever! But I am really enjoying her and she is just such a happy little baby. She is smiling some now and it is just the best when whe looks up at you and smiles. She is getting blessed on Sunday so I will post some pics of her in beautiful blessing dress soon!!!!