Friday, April 9, 2010

I take too many pictures!!!

I just cant get enough of these kiddos. So ya.... I take tons of pictures. But I can't help it. They are my pride and joy so I just have to try to capture all the cute little moments!

Lexi is turning into a cheeser whenever she sees me with the camera. And the above pic is a classic look of how she is always wrinkling her nose now whenever she smiles. Silly girl.....I love it! This is the kids with Brian's dad.

Here is little Lexi with her presents that the Easter bunny brought. Ya, she has no idea what is going on but we cant leave her out right?!

Here is Lukas with his bike that the Easter Bunny brought him. He has been wanting a bike now for a while and so we had him save money by getting money everytime he did something good or nice or helped around the house etc. So we told him if he paid for half, the Easter bunny would bring him a bike. It is a little big but he can ride it and plus he can use it for a long time and we wont have to buy him a new one in a year. He loves it!!!!!!

Lukas and his cousin Parker. We went to visit Candace and her family a couple weekends ago and these two little boys have so much fun together. Candace and I made cute flowers to put in our girls' hair and ones to put on headbands. The one below is one of the bigger flowers. It is big but it still cute! That Saturday, Brian got to go to a NCAA tournament game in SLC. He got to go to the Butler vs. Kansas State game and he was in heaven cause he had a seat in the middle of the court on row five. So he had excellent seats. I could even see him on t.v.!

And these next pics are of Lexi getting into the wipes and making a mess. She LOVES pulling the wipes out of the container and so I just let her and then put them back when she is done. I couldnt resist taking some pics of her doing it. She is so stinkin fun!

And last but not least...... Brian turned the big 30 a few days ago. We are getting old! But hey, I still have 2 more years before I hit that wonderful number :) So happy birthday Brian! I LOVE U!!!!!