Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life has been busy

Yes I know that I have been slacking lately and not blogging much but life has been a little crazy with Brian going back to school and taking night classes to get his MBA, Brian's grandma passed away and we went to Jackson to attend her funeral, we took a trip to Boise to visit family, and the list goes on. Plus I have just been spending time with my cute little family and so blogging hasnt been on the top of my "to do" list. Sorry. Lukas wants me constantly to play make believe with him and little Lexi just wants to be involved in everything we do. It is so fun. Lexi is growing way too fast and Lukas is turning into the smartest little kid. They are so cute together and they love eachother so much. Lexi always gets the biggest smiles when Lukas walks into the room and Lukas just thinks it is the best when he gets her laughing really hard. I just want to spend every minute with them. Can you blame me? But I have taken a few minutes here to post a few fun pics of my little fam for ya.