Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy or Girl ???

Found out today that baby #3 will be another GIRL!!!! We thought it was going to be a boy so we were a little surprised but we are so excited to have another sweet little girl join our family! I wondered how Lukas would take the news since he thought it was a boy, but he just said "Well, I told u I would take either one." And he did tell us that the other day when I told him that it could be a girl. Hopefully he can handle two little sisters :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving and The Festival of Trees

We had a good Thanksgiving this year! We were able to spend some time at my parents with two of my sisters and their families. (Tina and Candace) Scott was there too of course. We had fun being with them. The day after Thanksgiving we went to Island Park to a cabin with Brian's family for a few days. There was a ton of snow! It was almost just too hard to take the kids out to play cause you would sink to your knees in the snow. But it was fun and the kids did get to play outside alot. I am mad though cause I didnt take pics of us playing outside and stuff. Bummer...I know. I was a slacker this year I guess. But here is one of Lukas being his cute self and one of Lexi climbing in the tv stand which she thought was fun!

Lukas had his preschool Thanksgiving party a few days before the holiday and this is how Lexi felt about it. Pretty excited I guess......
Lukas was a pilgrim in the cute play that they did and he did his part so good. He is definately not shy in front of people.

Last night we went to the Festival of Trees. We saw lots of cute trees and it got us in the Christmas spirit even more. The kids loved looking at all the lights and trees and they got to see Santa. Then this morning we took them there again to a breakfast with Santa party they were doing. It was the Polar Express themed and the kids thought that was fun. So here are just a few pics from both events.

Doesnt Lexi just look thrilled to be there?

We are loving this time of year and hope you all are too! We cant wait for all the Christmas parties we have coming up and enjoying friends and family. Oh ya.....we find out Monday if we are having another boy or another girl join our family. So check back in a few days and we will let you know :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just thought you should know.....

We are expecting baby #3 to come the end of April! Thats right...I am almost 17 weeks pregnant! Are you surprised? Well we were! But we couldnt be more excited for another little one to join our craziness. Brian and Lukas are sure that it is a boy and we find out on Dec. 6. So we shall see. I am a little nervous about having two kids only 20 months apart but I know we will be ok. (and busy!) Lukas is very excited to have another sibling and Lexi just doesnt have a clue what is going to happen. It will be fun though and we cant wait to meet the new little one come April! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! I know I am way excited for the upcoming holidays! (now that I am feeling better) Up until 12 weeks along I was pretty sick but now I am feeling tons better. Just way tired alot. Well, just thought you should know our exciting news. We will let you know boy or girl when we find out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Princess and Iron Man

So I thought I should probably put another post on here since I havent done one in a long time. i have a ton of pictures I could put on here but dont have time right now so here are just a few. The first one is my little girl after she was playing in the mud. She loves mud. It must have felt good on her cause she was rubbing it in her hair and just smiling the whole time. The rest of the pics are just a few from Halloween. We had a princess and an Iron Man. They were pretty cute and had fun at our ward's trunk or treat. I think we will have candy to last us the whole year!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lukas' birthday and preschool

Lukas started preschool last Monday and he loved it! I was worried that maybe he wouldnt want me to leave him but when we got there, he could of cared less when I left. I was glad cause I think I would have been sad if he had cried. I think this whole preschool thing is going to be good for him cause I think he gets bored around the house with just me and Lexi to play with. He loves learning and drawing and all that stuff so I think he will really enjoy it. Here are a few pics on his first day! Isnt he so handsome?

Here are just a couple of pics from his bday party. He really wanted a transformer pinata so I gave in and got him one. The kids loved it! It was a tough little thing though. The kids couldnt break it so finally Brian had to take some whacks at it and break it. It was a water party but the weather was kinda cold. But toward the end of the party the sun did come out and the kids got wet. My friend let me borrow her air filled water slide and it was fun for the kids.

Lukas had a great birthday and got tons of presents. His favorite is his green scooter that he really wanted. I will have to take a picture of him with it. He loves it. I cant believe my little man is 4! He is getting so big and we just love him so stinkin much!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My princess turned 1!

Wow! I cant even believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like just the other day that my little baby girl was born but yet it feels like I have always had her too. She is such a joy in our family and we couldnt love her more! She is so sweet and she loves to be involved in what we are doing. She was so funny with her birthday cupcake cause she didnt want to get messy. She just kinda poked at it for a minute and then she started eating a little here and there. Go figure. The one time that I dont care if she makes a huge mess, she doesnt do it. She doesnt care if she gets messy on any other day. Silly girl. We love her so much and we cant wait to see her grow even more. Lukas is having fun with her and she adores him too. They are so cute together. He is already so protective of her and I love it! Happy birthday little Lexi Lou. We love you!!!!!
(Lukas has a fun week this week. His 4th bday is on Tuesday and he starts preschool tomorrow. We had a bday for him yesterday with friends. I will post pics of that and all his other fun stuff this week soon!)

JuSt SoMe FuN oNeS

Monday, June 28, 2010

Us at the Logan Temple

This past weekend we traveled to Logan, Ut for my cousins wedding and my brother, Scott, was nice enough to take a few pics for us. It was such a nice day and Lukas got to run around with some cousins and have fun. I had never been to this temple before and it is so beautiful! It is always fun to visit a temple that you have never been before. I got to go to the sealing and it was really nice. Brian was nice enough to stay out with our kids so I could go. I wish he could have been there, but what do you do. I am really sad that I didnt get any pics of the bride and groom (Go figure.) But they both looked really happy and I am happy for them. Well, here are a few pics of us.