Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy or Girl ???

Found out today that baby #3 will be another GIRL!!!! We thought it was going to be a boy so we were a little surprised but we are so excited to have another sweet little girl join our family! I wondered how Lukas would take the news since he thought it was a boy, but he just said "Well, I told u I would take either one." And he did tell us that the other day when I told him that it could be a girl. Hopefully he can handle two little sisters :)


Caleb and Loleen said...

Congrats, so exciting. I am sure Lukas can hold his own and what lucky girls to have the best big brother. It will be fun for Lexi and the other girls to have a friend so close to thier age at some point in their lives.

Shellie said...

How fabulous! Little Lexi will have a sweet sister close to her age to have a best friend forever. Congratulations!

Kimberly said...

girls are so sweet--and girl clothes rock! We are having a boy on April 12th. We will have to let them play!