Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The loves of Lukas' life

Lukas loves ice cream. Can you tell by the remains on his face? He also wanted to help me take the picture so that his why his hand is in front of the picture.
He also loves lying on our bed and watching T.V. He is so happy when we let him just lounge on our bed. Although he looks a little sleepy in this picture.
He also loves his snow boots and likes to where them all day long inside. If I try to take them off...... Watch out! He doesnt like that much. So I usually just let him wear them until nap and bed time. That is when I just have to be the boss and take them off, even if he gets mad.
And he loves bubbles. He just stands there watching and says "Again Again".
And most of all....... He loves his mommy! (dont tell daddy though.) Ya I know, I look like a big DORK in this picture but since he cant take pics yet, I had to do this one on my own. We love Lukas so much and are so thankful that we have him. He brings us so much joy and happiness and we couldnt ask for a better kid. ( I know that sounds sappy , but really, he is our little miracle and I love him so much.)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Poor Lukas

So yesturday Lukas came down with a fever of 101 and the poor little guy just didnt feel like doing anything. (Which is very unusual for him to just lay around and do nothing.) So I stayed home from church with him and just let him sleep. He was so warm and I didnt know what to do. Thank goodness for fever reducing medicine. that seemed to help a ton. He just wasnt himself and I felt so bad for him. Luckily today he seemed to be feeling better. He still didnt feel like eating much today but at least his fever had gone done.
Also, as many of you, I was very shocked to hear of President Hinckley's passing away last night. I was very surprized. He was such a wonderful prophet and it seems like he was my prophet cause he is who I grew up with. However, I cant even imagine how HAPPY he is right now being with his wife. So I am happy for them. I think it might be hard though at the next conference knowing he wont be speaking to us. He was a great man and will be missed greatly by so many people. How lucky we are to know that families are forever!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here are some things Lukas did today

First off, here he is showing off his haircut that daddy gave him last night. Haircuts and Lukas dont go together very well. While daddy is using the clippers, Lukas is on my lap trying to crawl away screaming his head off, while I am wondering why in the world we even bother. But in the end he looked so cute and he forgave us pretty fast.
I found Lukas in the pantry sneaking the pretzels and stuffing his face as fast as he could. How can you get mad at that face though!

We played with some building toys and he was pretty proud of what we made. He carried it all around the house like he was the Statue of Liberty and he tried to take it up stairs to show daddy and it broke and he was sad. Luckily mommy was there to help rebuild it and carry it up the stairs for him.
He also played with the dishes as daddy unloaded the dishwasher. He thinks this one is a hat obviously.
He destroyed the living room in 2 minutes after I had just picked it up. Why do I even try?

To end the night , he showed off dancing with his tickle-me Elmo. He thinks that toy is wonderful. Good job with that gift Aunt Julie and cousin Wynter. He loves it!!!!!
He also screamed his head off while getting his pajamas on, managed to get apple sauce smeared across his forehead, ran into a kitchen cabinet head on while looking at his feet while walking and not paying attention to where he was going, and much much more. But in the end, what would I do all day if I didnt have a cute little boy to laugh at? I would be pretty bored. He is so fun and I am so thankful everyday that I have him!!!!