Sunday, August 29, 2010

My princess turned 1!

Wow! I cant even believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like just the other day that my little baby girl was born but yet it feels like I have always had her too. She is such a joy in our family and we couldnt love her more! She is so sweet and she loves to be involved in what we are doing. She was so funny with her birthday cupcake cause she didnt want to get messy. She just kinda poked at it for a minute and then she started eating a little here and there. Go figure. The one time that I dont care if she makes a huge mess, she doesnt do it. She doesnt care if she gets messy on any other day. Silly girl. We love her so much and we cant wait to see her grow even more. Lukas is having fun with her and she adores him too. They are so cute together. He is already so protective of her and I love it! Happy birthday little Lexi Lou. We love you!!!!!
(Lukas has a fun week this week. His 4th bday is on Tuesday and he starts preschool tomorrow. We had a bday for him yesterday with friends. I will post pics of that and all his other fun stuff this week soon!)

JuSt SoMe FuN oNeS