Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's up with us

This past weekend was fun for us. We went to Idaho Falls and got to spend time with both our parents and Brian's sister, Rachael, and her family. Rachael and Beau were here cause Beau's brother got married and then they stayed a couple of days so we just got to hang out. The above picture is me and lukas with my neice, Kloie. Lukas absolutely LOVES Kloie. It doesnt matter that she is about 3 years older either. They just laugh and laugh at eachother all the time. It is kinda nice too cause it is like having a little babysitter too.

This is Lukas trying to play horse shoes. He tried and tried so hard. He would just drop them on top cause they were too heavy. But he did smash his finger doing it once so we had a few tears and then he just wanted to try again. He is so funny. He likes to do anything that the grown ups are doing. At least he tries.

Here's just a few pics of him jumping on the tramp with Kloie and Bently. I am amazed at how good he can jump with out falling off. He would jump for hours and hours if we let him.
Here is Brian with his sister having a game of horse shoes. Nice form, Rachael! They always have fun together. It was really fun to see them this weekend. They went home today and Lukas is really missing his little cousins.

My parents are out of town for about a week so we get to dog-sit their dog, Nellie. Lukas is liking having her at my house even though he has totally been picking on her today. He has had to go to time out a few times today cause he is sitting on her, hitting her, or pulling her legs and ears. I dont know why he is doing it. He knows he shouldnt. But even though he beats up on her , he loves having her around. It is a good thing Nellie is so patient or he probably would be missing a hand by now. Lukas helped me give Nellie a bath today and so the pictures above where he is laying by her in the sun is just after the bath. Nellie was laying in the sun to get warm and dry and so Lukas decided that he needed to do the same. I walked in the room and just found him sun bathing with her. It was cute.
So this weekend, Brian and I are going to Park City for a work retreat thing and we are leaving Lukas with Brian's parents. I think it will be nice to get away but I always hate leaving him cause then the whole time we are gone, I just spend the whole time worrying about him. But I know he will be well taken care of and he will be fine cause grandpa will for sure take him for rides on the tractor. He will be in HEAVEN! I will try to take some pictures on our trip. I think it will be fun. (Eventhough I know I will miss my little guy.) Well, that is just a little update on us. Really exciting, I know!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ashlee's wedding

Brian's cousin, Ashlee got married this weekend in Twin Falls so we went there for the day. Here are a few pics I took outside the temple. Sorry some of them are dark. My camera doesnt take good pics in the shade but I am going to get a new one for Christmas! Yeah!

We miss Spencer and Emily!

So Brian's cousin, Spencer, and his family moved away from us a few months ago. They moved clear to Ohio and we miss them so much! But we were so excited to see them this past weekend at the wedding. I am glad they got to come. Their little boy, Grant, to the same age as Lukas and so they had a blast playing together. Lukas always mentions Grant and how he want to go to Ohio and see him. The top three pics are of Lukas and Grant playing and the next pic is Brian with his cousin, Spencer. The last one is of me and Spencer's wife, Emily. They were so much fun to hang out with while they lived by us and we REALLY miss them. We cant waith until the next time we get to see you guys. Good luck with everything in Ohio!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Can you believe that my little guy turned 2 on Sunday?! Crazy!!!! I cant believe he is 2 already. It seems like I just had him but at the same time it seems like we have had him forever. He is such a good kid and I love him so much. I cant believe how much happiness he has brought into our lives. We were at my sister's house on his Bday and so he got to spend the day with them too. My mom was also there. So he got to be spoiled of course. He was so excited for his birthday cake. I found this Cars one and I couldnt pass it up. He is so into the movie Cars right now and so we got him a Mcqueen and a Mater toy too. All he could talk about all day was his cake. It was hard for him to wait until after dinner but when the time came, he was all smiles. He also had to re-blow out the candles a few times. He thought that was pretty cool. He also got some tractor toys from my mom and dad. ( He is way into tractors too.) And he got a basketball hoop from Brian's parents. (Which he really likes also.) So I guess he had a pretty good Bday and was spoiled good enough too. I love this little boy so much and I cant wait for many more Bdays to spoil him on. Happy Birthday Lukas!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Funny Pics

Lukas is getting quite the imagination these days. The top 3 pics are ones I took when I walked in the front room one day and he had put his cowboy hat on and was riding a foam mattress pad like a horse. He was also yelling out "WA-HOO"! I thought it was pretty funny. He likes to pretend to be a cowboy sometimes and that should make his grandpa happy! The bottom pic is Lukas making an animal parade. I got him these cute little animals and he lines them up on the piano bench and says "It's a parade." He is getting so smart and it is so fun to see his little imagination at work.

Goin' Fishin'

A couple of weeks ago we took Lukas to Soda Springs to go fishing. He was SO excited! They have a little pond that they keep stocked with fish and it is just for kids and so you catch a fish within seconds of casting the line in. So Lukas got to see lots of fish and he thought it was pretty fun. Sometimes he wasnt so sure of them though. I dont think we got him to ever try touching one but he liked to look at them. The top pic with me fishing, he was standing behind me laughing really hard for some reason. I guess seeing me fish was a funny sight. (Actually, it probably was. I dont go fishing much.) But it was alot of fun and we all enjoyed going out and just hanging out for a couple hours.