Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just a bunch of recent pics of us.....

These three pics were taken today before church. You can see that his eye really is looking a ton better. I got him this new shirt and we think he just looks so grown up. Isnt he such a handsome boy?! We sure think so. And yes, this is me today at 22 weeks along. As you can see... I am growing! I am feeling really good and I can feel her moving a ton. Brian and Lukas have both been able to feel her too!

Here is Lukas chasing a squirrel at the park the other night. He got pretty close and he thought it was so funny. He was laughing so hard he could hardly run.

You might have noticed that in almost all the pics, Lukas is wearing cowboy boots. My dad bought them for him after his surgery cause I think he felt sorry for him. Lukas LOVES them and he has to wear them EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously. Even to church. He likes to wear his cowboy hat too. I guess we have a future cowboy on our hands. (That will make my dad happy.)

And this last pic is our new swing set. Brian put it together yesturday and Lukas is in heaven. It is nothing fancy but it sure in entertaining for him. I just know that I will be outside all summer pushing him in the swings.
Well, this is what we have been up to lately. Just hanging out with eachother and taking it easy. Life is pretty good.

Friday, April 10, 2009

We are having a ...............

............Girl !!!!!.............
Yes, we found out today that Lukas (and Brian) have been right all along. Lukas is indeed getting a baby sister just like he has always told us. I think he knew all along and that is just amazing to me. Everything looks good and the baby is developing like she should with no problems. We are so excited to have a little girl join our family and we couldnt be happier. This is such a huge blessing for us. Lukas came with us to the ultrasound, so he got to see his sister on the t.v. screen. (so we called it.) It has been the perfect day!!!!

Also, I will have have to post some pics of Lukas because the other night while he was sleeping, one of his eyes hemorraged (I dont how to spell that.) I took him to the dr. and he said it is ok. A blood vessel broke in his eye and it looks awful. But he is ok. It will take several weeks to heal but it doesnt seem to bother him. I will put some pics on here soon. It is bad looking though, so be prepared. But he is recovering from the surgery part well and so we are thankful for that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lukas' surgery

Here is Lukas sleeping after we got home from the surgery. They gave him some sunglasses cause his eyes were really sensitive to light. So he had to sleep in them. He was pretty out of it for just a little while.

Last night, some people in our ward brought Lukas this really cute balloon. It totally made his day eventhough he doesnt look to happy in theis picture. He has been carrying this balloon around the house ever since we got it. It was so nice of his friends to get this for him.

This morning we gave Lukas a bath and since he cant have tap water in his eyes for 2 weeks we thought that maybe if we kept the glasses on it would make it so he didnt rub his eyes. It worked pretty good. I think we were able to give him his bath without any water in his eyes.

And this is him this morning with his really blood shot eyes. He is acting like his old self today so I think he is feeling better. His eyes look alot better then they did yesturday. We were worried he would wake up today with black eyes cause last night they started turning purple underneath. But it looks like they wont bruise.
Well, the surgery was a success. The dr. said it went just the way he wanted it too and was able to replace the muscles in the exact spot that he wanted. It will take 8 to 10 weeks before they know for sure if his eye was corrected completely so I guess we wait and see. Lukas did so good! He was so good before the surgery. He went right back and let the nurse take him away without any tears. We were so relieved cause I know I would have cried if they would have taken him away kicking and screaming. The surgery last about 45 minutes and when they brought him back to us, he was really screaming and throwing a fit. He couldnt see us and his eyes were just so sore and the IV in his arm was hurting him and so it took a little while before we could calm him down. He was just so out of it and confused I think. So..... I started bawling! I felt so bad cause even though I was holding him, he couldnt see me and so he was yelling for me and trying to pull the IV out. It was the saddest thing ever. But we finally got him calmed down and he felt a ton better once they got the IV out. Poor little guy. I bet he was scared to death. But after an hour we were able to go home. He was kinda groggy for the rest of the day but he would play for a little bit and then go lay down to rest. Every now and then he puts his hands over his eyes and says that they hurt and cries a little. But it doesnt last long. Last night he had a hard time going to sleep cause they hurt but once he fell asleep, he slept good. We have to put eyedrops in his eyes 4 times a day for a week and that is really hard cause he hates them and screams but we just have to do it anyway.
So, everything went well and we are so thankful that he is ok and really he doesnt seem to remember too much about it. He has handled everything so well and we love him so much. I realized how much I really love him and how much he means to me. Sitting in the waiting room waiting to see him again, alot goes through your mind and you realize a lot of things about life. I am so blessed to have such a sweet little guy and I hope this works and that he doesnt have to have more surgeries. We love our Lukas so much and know he is a very special little boy.