Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving and The Festival of Trees

We had a good Thanksgiving this year! We were able to spend some time at my parents with two of my sisters and their families. (Tina and Candace) Scott was there too of course. We had fun being with them. The day after Thanksgiving we went to Island Park to a cabin with Brian's family for a few days. There was a ton of snow! It was almost just too hard to take the kids out to play cause you would sink to your knees in the snow. But it was fun and the kids did get to play outside alot. I am mad though cause I didnt take pics of us playing outside and stuff. Bummer...I know. I was a slacker this year I guess. But here is one of Lukas being his cute self and one of Lexi climbing in the tv stand which she thought was fun!

Lukas had his preschool Thanksgiving party a few days before the holiday and this is how Lexi felt about it. Pretty excited I guess......
Lukas was a pilgrim in the cute play that they did and he did his part so good. He is definately not shy in front of people.

Last night we went to the Festival of Trees. We saw lots of cute trees and it got us in the Christmas spirit even more. The kids loved looking at all the lights and trees and they got to see Santa. Then this morning we took them there again to a breakfast with Santa party they were doing. It was the Polar Express themed and the kids thought that was fun. So here are just a few pics from both events.

Doesnt Lexi just look thrilled to be there?

We are loving this time of year and hope you all are too! We cant wait for all the Christmas parties we have coming up and enjoying friends and family. Oh ya.....we find out Monday if we are having another boy or another girl join our family. So check back in a few days and we will let you know :)

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Caleb and Loleen said...

I agree, I just love this time of year. The festival of trees sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad you got to spend time with family over thanksgiving.
Can't wait to find out what you are having, so exciting.