Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yummy Yogurt

I gave Lukas some yogurt for breakfast and then went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for Brian and when I came in to check on Lukas this is how I found him. He had yogurt all over his face and I guess he thought he was pretty funny. So I took a quick picture of him cause I couldnt resist the cute yogurt face.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lukas has a new cousin!

My sister Tina had her baby last Tuesday and so Lukas and me went to see them for a few days with my mom. His name is Tyson James and weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces. He was three weeks early and I think Tina was ok with that. He is a cute little guy and as you can tell, Lukas loved holding him. When we would take the baby away, he wouldnt want to let go. He just loved holding him. Lukas also got the fly while we were there. So Thursday night I was up all night with him while he was puking. Not fun. And then Saturday night, i got it. Lucky me! So I was up all night while I was puking. I seemed to have it worse then Lukas though. Which is ok with me cause if Lukas was throwing up as much as I was, that would have been a nightmare. We are all feeling better now and hoping Brian doesnt get it and all the family we were visiting. We were at Tina's when Lukas and sick and Rachael's when I was sick. So, I am sorry you guys if you and your families get sick. It was a fun trip other than that. Brian came Saturday to get us and we got home yesturday.
Here I am holding cute little Tyson.

Lukas hanging out with Tacy. He had fun following her around while we were there.
Lukas and Kloie being silly. Lukas would lay on this toy and Kloie would pull him around and he loved it. It was funny.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully you are all having a good day. Lukas thought the whole holding a flower thing was funny I guess. I dont think he knew what to do with it. Silly boy. Well, have a great day!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lukas cleaning the what?

So today I was in the living room and I noticed it was really quiet and so I went to find Lukas to see what he was doing. When I found him, this is what he was the toilet. He had found the toilet brush and just started cleaning away. I didnt even know he was doing it. I must be teaching him well huh?!


This past weekend we went to Boise to see Olivia's blessing. It was really fun to hang out with family and Lukas LOVED playing with cousins. He loves other kids and does really well playing. The blessing was really nice and little Olivia looked beautiful in her white dress. This isnt the best pic cause no one is smiling but it works. Lukas was more interested in this cup thing. This is Kloie, Olivia, Bently, and Lukas. We also got to see Beau and Rachael's new house and we are jealous. We want a new house now. It was really nice though and we are glad we could go and visit.
This is Lukas with Jared, Jacob, Katie, and Tacy. (Tina's kids) We got to hang out there too on our trip. Tina and a baby shower and so I got to go to that. She made out very well. She is due next month and I think she is ready to have that boy. Lukas loved playing with these cousins too and their dog. Thanks Tina and James for letting us stay at your house. We had fun seeing you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just another day

So Lukas is going through a phase or something where everytime I change his diaper, he runs away before I can get a new diaper on him. This is the view I got of him running away today. So I chased him and he laughed and laughed. Then a minute later it got quiet and I heard something, and yes, he went potty on the kitchen floor. I couldnt get mad though because it was probably my own fault and he had a scared look on his face when I walked in. It was like he was thinking " Oh no! What just happenend." So I could tell he kinda felt bad. (Plus it was kinda funny!)
He found my big exercise ball today and he had a blast playing with it. He liked to sit on it while holding on to it and bounce up and down. He would lay on it and try to stand on it. (With my help of course.) I wish I could have gotten some more pics of it but I had a hard time holding the ball steady with him on it with one hand and taking a pic at the same time. He did have a lot of fun though.
This is just a cute pic I took today of him. He actually looks happy. I say that cause he has a cold and hasnt been feeling that great. I think he is starting to feel better. Thank goodness.
He is what our front yard looked like today. We have gotten a ton of snow. We have been kinda lazy and havent been shoveling our driveway like we should. But we have the nicest neighbor who keeps showing up when Brian is going out to do it and he has a snowblower and digs us out. He is so awesome for doing it. I keep telling myself I need to take him cookies or something. So I need to do that.