Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas pictures

Here is Lukas with all his cousins on my side of the family. (Actually not all his cousins are here. Ella was not here.)This was taken at grandma and grandpa Winter's house. Lukas loves his cousins.
Here is Lukas showing off 2 new car toys he got for Christmas. He loves cars and trucks!
Grandma Singleton gave him this tonka truck toy and it was a big hit. He rides on it all the time.
Here is my sister Candace and her husband, Dave, holding their baby, Parker.
Lukas is into tackeling the other kids for some reason and so here he is on top of Jacob while Tacy tries to referee.
We had a wonderful Christmas and we ended up with more than enough gifts. We loved spending time with family and we are sad that it is over. Christmas Eve, we spent the day with Brian's family at his parents house. Beau and Rachael and their three girls were there and Brian's grandparents.We played in the snow, watched Polar Express, ate tons of junkfood, hung out, acted out the Nativity, ate more junk food, and just hung out and laughed alot, and ate even more junk food. Oh , we even wrote a poem about our day. It was alot of fun.
Christmas day we spent the day at my family's house. My three sister's and their families were there. There were alot of kids running around. We got to talk to Scott on the phone so that was one of the highlights of the day. He seems to be doing well on his mission. I was sad that he couldnt be there with us but I know he is doing what he is suppossed to be doing. My grandma Winter came and spent the day with us and later that night my grandpa Tolman and my aunt and uncle and their family came for dinner and to open more presents. So, we had a pretty fun day. We always enjoy when family gets together and it seems like the time always flies by. We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have a wonderful New Year.
(Oh ya, Lukas got sick during Christmas time. He got a cold and a bad cough. He seems to be doing better though so hopefully he is getting over it. Poor little guy.)

Snow Day !!!

Here is Brian and Lukas in our front yard a few days ago. We got a ton of snow and the snowflakes were huge and gorgeous. It reminded me of a snowglobe.

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve. We were in Idaho Falls and it snowed ALL DAY!!! I dont think it has snowed all day in a long time. Lukas liked being out in the snow (as long as daddy was holding him. ) He didnt like standing in the snow cause he couldnt walk because it was so deep. He had very red cheeks by the time he came in. ( I am sad I didnt get a picture of it cause it was so cute.)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

This weekend, we were in Idaho Falls visiting with family. Brian's sister, Rachael, and her 3 girls were there also and so as you can see, everyone wanted grandpa. Here is a good example of that. Lukas had a ton of fun playing with Kloie and Bently. Kloie is dressed up in a princess dress like she usually is when they are here.
Here is Kloie and Lukas watching Polar Express (again) and as you can tell, Lukas is very into it. He couldnt even look away tor 2 seconds to look at me while I took the picture. And it is still the only movie he will actually sit through.
Lukas loves being out in the snow. He thought it was pretty cool that he could go out and play in it. Now I just need to find some snow pants for him. Maybe somes gloves would be a good investment also.
Here is Lukas with grandpa Singleton. I think he was looking for birds since grandpa was making bird noises. We had a fun weekend. We stayed at my parents cause they went out of town Saturday and Sunday, so I was in charge of feeding the horse and the dog. Lukas still loves chasing the dog. He always calls out for her and it is so funny how he tries to say her name. Instead of Nellie, it sounds more like, Neney. It is cute though. Hopefully that dog never dies cause I think Lukas is pretty attached already. I think we will get one someday. Brian doesnt know about that, but I am sure we will. hee hee. We are getting way excited for Christmas and Lukas loves going for drives at night and looking at all the houses with their lights up. He has actually done really good at leaving the Christmas tree alone. He did try to eat a piece of a decoration the other day but decided it didnt taste too great so he spit it out and hasnt tried again since. Cant blame him.

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Sweet Little Lukie

Here is Lukas sporting his favorite pair of Elmo pajamas. He always looks down and points to Elmo and gets a huge smile on his face while saying Elmo. As you can see, he is excited to be wearing Elmo.
Here is our little Beethoven practicing the piano. He loves to sit there and pound on the keys. maybe someday he will be as good as Beethoven.

So, is this not the cutest picture ever? I was making lunch today and I came into the living room to check on him and this is what I found. I couldnt help but take pictures. Doesnt he look so precious? (Sorry if you are tired of Lukas pictures. But that is pretty much what I do all day is play with Lukas. And I dont really like taking pictures of myself)