Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Love

Our little girl is 3 weeks old today! Can you believe it? It is so crazy. It seems like we have always had her but at the same time it seems like yesturday I was in the hospital seeing her for the first time. She is such a sweetheart. We love her so much and just adore her. (Sorry some of the pictures are turned the wrong way. I am just too lazy to turn them. ) I know I am slow at posting these recent pics but sleep for me hasnt been the best lately and so I just havent felt like bloggin much. We are doing better though so I will try to keep up on this thing a little better. I just wanted to show off some more baby pics because she is just so stinkin' cute. Enjoy!

Lukas had a birthday!

Well my little guy turned 3 on August 31. I cant believe he is that old allready. He had a pretty good day. We got him a little teeball set and he likes to hit the ball around. We took him to McDonalds for lunch and he got to pick out a dinosaur cake at the store. For dinner, my parents and Brian's parents and our grandma's came. My parents gave Lukas a ukulele and it is his favorite thing. He loves guitars and so this was the perfect gift. He even played it while we sang happy birthday to him. It was pretty cute. I know I am behind on posting about his b-day but I thought I should still do it. We love our little guy so much. He is so fun. He loves his little sister so much and just attacks her with kisses all the time. He is a good little helper too. He likes to bring me diapers and stuff. It is nice to have a good little helper. Also, we found out that his eyesight is going bad again in his left eye so we are back to the eye patch for a while. (I hate those things!)
He is doing so good though and keeping it on. I just feel bad for him cause I know I would hate wearing one of those all the time. But it will help him so we just do it I guess. We sure love our Lukas!!!!!!