Saturday, June 27, 2009

FuN TiMeS ArE CoMiNg !!!!

My little brother, Scott, is coming home from his mission next Friday!!! We are all so excited for him to come home. He has been serving in Colorado and we cant wait to hear all his stories and see how he has changed and stuff like that. We are also excited cause ALL of my siblings are coming and we havent all been together at the same time in such a long time. It should be fun!!!! Lukas is more then excited to see all his cousins and talks about the family reunion everyday. He is going to have so much fun!
Also, I only have 9 more weeks till my due date!!! CRAZY!!! We are so excited to meet this little girl. Especially Lukas. I am nervous though cause last night I had a dream that it is really a boy and so now I am wondering if I should be buying all these girl clothes. But from the ultrasound, the lady was pretty sure it was a girl so I will trust her. Plus Lukas and Brian have always thought it was a girl. So I hope I am safe buying pink stuff. I am feeling good. Just big and like all my insides are crammed together. She is one active baby too. She moves around all the time. But I love it!!! I even dont mind when she keeps me up all night kicking cause I love just laying there feeling her kick. Nice bonding moments I guess.
Lukas got invited to his first B-day party today. A little boy in our ward invited him and Lukas was so excited to go. I thought I would have to stay with him but when I dropped him off, they said I didnt need to stay. So I left and when I came home, I kept telling Brian how sad I was cause he is grown-up enough to stay alone. It was a bitter-sweet moment I guess. It just reminded me that my little boy isnt a baby anymore. It sounded like he had fun though. When we went to pick him up, the parents of the little birthday boy told us that when they were singing Happy Bday to Max, Lukas would sing "Happy Birthday dear John Deere Tractor" instead of Max. They said it was so funny that they had him sing it again by himself so they could get it on video. Silly kid. He says the funniest things.
Well, sorry I didnt post any pics but I am sure I will have TONS to post in a couple weeks after our family reunion. It should be fun!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just enjoying life

Yesturday, we decided to go on a little drive together just to get out of the house for a little while. It has been raining so much lately that we didnt think we would get out of the car but when we got up into the mountains, it wasnt raining. So we went on a little walk. Lukas loved it. He loved to run a little bit in front of us and then turn around and run down the mountain. He did trip but only once and it didnt hurt him. He just got right back up and kept doing it. It was so pretty though in the mountains. It is sooo soooo green because of all the rain and we didnt even mind the mud because it was just so nice to be outside. We are definately going again. Soon.

Here is my dad trying to teach Lukas how to rope. Lukas is so into cowboy stuff right now. My dad made him his own little rope and Lukas thinks it is the best thing ever. Lukas tried so hard to rope that thing and he did ok. in his own way of doing it. It was cute though. I think my dad thinks it is great that Lukas is so interested in cowboy stuff. They both just kept smiling at eachother while they were roping. Who knows...maybe I have a future cowboy on my hands!