Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lukas has been having fun lately!

Lukas found something new he likes to do. He puts on Daddy's old snow goggles and then pushes his old walker toy around like he is mowing the lawn. I dont know why he started doing this but he thought it was fun and I thought it was pretty funny.
Here is Lukas with my dad. He loves riding the lawnmower with grandpa. Whenever we go to their house, the first thing he says to my dad is "lawnmower". He would ride it all day if we let him. He even likes to go sit on it when it is just sitting in the garage. He loves that thing!
Here is Lukas in Parker's car seat. He thinks it is funny to sit in it like he is a little baby. But as you can see, he is definately too big for it but he likes it anyway.

There are some pics with Lukas and his cousin Parker. Candace (my sister) and her husband came to Idaho Falls this past weekend and Lukas loved playing with Parker. Parker is getting so big and as you can see, he is such a cutie. He has the bluest eyes and biggest smile. When they left to go home, Lukas went around the house calling for him. I think he misses him.

The above pics and Lukas with another cousin, Ella. She is my brother, Landon's , little girl. Landon's wife, Shellie, came to Idaho Falls to go to her sister's graduation and we got to watch Ella for the evening. They played so good together! Ella is so cute and fun. She is about 8 months older then Lukas but they are the same size and Lukas loved having someone just his size to play with. They ran around chasing eachother alot and laughed alot. It was fun to see you Shellie and Ella.

These pics were taken at my parent's neighbors house last weekend. He has a miniature horse and it had a baby so Lukas got to go down and see it. Isnt it crazy how small they are. The baby is smaller then Lukas! They sure are cute though. Lukas really liked seeing them. He loves horses. He like to help my dad feed his horse. He throws little pieces of hay to her and then laughs at himself. Maybe we have a little cowboy on our hands. So Lukas had a fun weekend seeing family and playing lots. He is getting so big and talking more and more eachday. I love my little boy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bye Bye Binky......Finally

So, I know what you are all probably thinking. My kid will be two in August and I am just taking away his binky. He loved them so much I just couldnt bare the thought of seperating them. I thought it would be so hard cause I have heard horror stories and so I just kept putting it off. So yesturday we just decided to do it cold turkey. We told Lukas that if he threw his binkies in the garbage and said bye bye to them, I would take him to the store the next day and buy him a bike. ( He has been wanting one for a long time.) So I didnt really think that it would work but IT WORKED!!! He went to bed without it, which I thought would be impossible. He hasnt even asked for it. He did wake up up at 5 this morning and was kinda whining a little bit for it but I just told him that it went bye bye and when we wake up in the morning he gets a bike. Then he went back to sleep. So that was like way easier then I ever imagined. Why didnt I do it along time. I guess I just didnt want to deal with it and now that it is done, I am glad. He was WAY too attached. He would have one in his mouth and one in both hands most of the time. I guess that is why I thought it would be hard. But I am so glad it is gone eventhough I think it was harder on me then it was on him. I realized he isnt a baby anymore. So here are some pictures of him and his new bike. Also is a picture of what he did to his face this morning. He took my eye liner and drew on his chin while sporting daddy's dirty hat. Silly kid. Gotta love him though. And how can you get mad at that face. Seriously.