Monday, March 28, 2011

Some more pics

Here are a few more pictures from our trip. They are from the beach where we stayed and of Sea World. I wanted to put on some more pics but after these ones, my computer started acting up and wouldnt let me do anymore. So here are these for now!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Scott and Sidney's wedding day

Here is the happy couple! My brother, Scott and his wife, Sidney, were married on March 5 in San Diego. It was such a beautiful wedding and we are so excited for them! Scott kinda missed her mouth a little with the cake huh:)
Here is Lexi on the dance floor at the reception. Yes, her skirt is falling down and her hair was a mess. It was a long day for her. She was so tired all day and was sick the whole week we were in San Diego. Poor girl. My mom made all these cute skirts and tops for the grand daughters. They were so cute!Here we are in front of the temple. We couldnt get a good pic with my kids looking and smiling cause the sun was so bright and in our eyes and so the kids wouldnt really look. So this is the best we got.
Here are us Winter siblings with the bride and groom. (minus my oldest sister, Julie, who couldnt make the trip:(
Here is the bride and groom just coming out of the temple. By the way, such a gorgeous temple! Has to be my favorite one. Looks just like a fairy tale castle.Lexi showing off her enthusiasm for the day. She was seriously soooo tired. But she loved holding my bouqet of roses.
Another family pic attempt. Too bad the sun was always in our faces. And keep in mind that I am like 33 weeks preggo in all these pics and looking a little on the chunky side:)

So the wedding day was fun and I know I didnt get very many exciting pics but it was a good day. We spent a whole week in CA and we are missing the warm weather. It was so fun to be there with family and the best part was I didnt go into labor. I had a fear that I would go into labor there but I made it through:) I have a ton more pics of us at Seaworld and us on the beach so check back soon and I will post them. I am just too tired to do it all right now:) We rented a beach house that my whole fam stayed in and it was so fun to be right by the beach. We sure miss it! But ya, more pics are coming soon........