Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lukas' birthday and preschool

Lukas started preschool last Monday and he loved it! I was worried that maybe he wouldnt want me to leave him but when we got there, he could of cared less when I left. I was glad cause I think I would have been sad if he had cried. I think this whole preschool thing is going to be good for him cause I think he gets bored around the house with just me and Lexi to play with. He loves learning and drawing and all that stuff so I think he will really enjoy it. Here are a few pics on his first day! Isnt he so handsome?

Here are just a couple of pics from his bday party. He really wanted a transformer pinata so I gave in and got him one. The kids loved it! It was a tough little thing though. The kids couldnt break it so finally Brian had to take some whacks at it and break it. It was a water party but the weather was kinda cold. But toward the end of the party the sun did come out and the kids got wet. My friend let me borrow her air filled water slide and it was fun for the kids.

Lukas had a great birthday and got tons of presents. His favorite is his green scooter that he really wanted. I will have to take a picture of him with it. He loves it. I cant believe my little man is 4! He is getting so big and we just love him so stinkin much!