Sunday, May 16, 2010

Precious Moments

Bath time is always fun at our house. My kiddos LOVE it! If Lexi is having a bad day, all I have to do is put her in the tub and her mood totally changes. (She is usually a very good baby though so I wont complain.) She is such a JOY and really LOVES her brother!

Lexi loves sitting in her booster seat and the 2nd picture was a funny face she would pull whenever Lukas would drive his little monster truck in front of her. I think she thought he was going to hit her in the face so she would close her eyes really tight but laugh REALLY HARD. She is so funny!

Ok. So who would have thought that a kids favorite toy would be a small box? The other day I put Lexi in a little box to see what she would do and she LOVED it! And of course my little man had to join in the fun. He never wants to be left out. They also loved sitting in the laundry basket. Lexi really loves it. If I am making dinner or something, I can put her in a laundry basket and she will sit in it FOREVER. It is a life savor for sure. I can get alot done when I have a basket close by. Crazy huh!

I tried to take a few pics after church one day but they didnt turn out too well. Lukas likes to be silly and so to try to get him to take a serious smiley picture doesnt always work. But he is cute anyway. And Lexi just wanted to hold a baseball. Silly girl.
Here is a fun fort Lukas and I made one day. It may not look that cool but Lukas sure loved it. He was pretending to be a cheetah and the fort was his cave. Lukas LOVES pretending to be animals and learning about them. He LOVES animals......I wonder who he takes after there..... (Brian always teases me cause he says I care about animals more then I do people. I get it from my dad so Lukas has Winter genes in him for sure!)

We dog sitted my parents dog for a few days not too long ago and of course Lukas loved it. Here he is with Nellie. Poor Nellie puts up with alot from this little boy. He just likes her WAY too much. She is such a GOOD dog.
Brian took Lukas to the rodeo a while back and Lukas LOVED every minute of it. He had to dress up like a cowboy too. He wore his hat, boots, and spurs. He looked pretty cute I must say. After going to the rodeo he is pretty determined that he is going to be a bull rider now. Dont know how I feel about that...... :) He even pretends like he is riding a bull all the time on the couch arm rest and even gets bucked off. Hopefully he will grow out of that dream cause I dont know if I could handle watching my boy actually ride a bull! He wants to ride a sheep in the rodeo next year. We'll see.....

So life has been good lately. Lukas went to the eye doctor and he said that his eyes are the best he has EVER seen them. FINALLY! I am glad we are making progress. So he only has to patch his eye 2 hours a day now and hopefully next time we go in the Dr. will say he is done with the patch. We are doing the eye patch still a little cause the Dr. doesnt want his eye to go back where it was so it is just a little reminder to keep using that eye. He has done so well with it though and I have to say that I probably wouldnt have done so well if it were me. He is such a good little boy and he always says "done already?" when I tell him he can take the patch off after 2 hours. So 2 hours is WAY better then the six or even all day we were doing before. He is an awesome boy and we are so blessed to have him. Our kids really are GREAT!