Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally!!! We got a new computer.

Well, we finally got our new computer so I can start blogging again. Here are some pictures from over the summer that I havent been able to put on here yet. Above is Lukas playing on the slip n slide. He loves those things.
Here he is with his aunt Rachael and cousins Kloie and Bently. I didnt put a swim diaper on Lukas so he just had a regular diaper on. He had the biggest diaper ever when he was done. It was so funny.
Lukas with Grandpa Singleton and cousins Kloie, Bently, and Olivia. You can just barely see little Bently behind Lukas.

The above pics are some that were taken at the Rexburg parade on the 4th of July. Lukas had a blast looking at all the different things.

This is Lukas' favorite new thing to do at my parents house. They put of this tire swing that is a horse and holy cow...... he loves it! We have to play on it tons when we go visit there now. It's right next to grandpa's horse too so as he is swinging, he usually talks to the horse at the same time.
Here is a pic that I got of Lukas and daddy sleeping after a good swim at my sister's house.
Lukas just cheesing it up as usual. He loves to play on the piano and sing. Future American Idol right here. Just kidding.
Here is a lovely pic of me and Lukas and my nephew Parker. (I just got done swimming so I look beautiful I know. ) Well, those are just a few pic I have taken lately. Hopefully I can get some more on soon.