Saturday, June 28, 2008

Securing my blog

So I have finally decided that I am going to make my blog private. So if any of you out there want to still view our blog leave me your email address and I will send you an invite. I will wait a few days to make sure people know I am doing this. I have just heard some weird stories about random people leaving weird comments on other peoples blogs so I thought it is better to be safe. So just let me know if I dont already have your email address. THANKS

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julie Rzechula (Mrs. Camano Island) 4th runner up in the Mrs. Washington pageant!

This past weekend I got to go to Washington because my oldest sister, Julie, competed in the Mrs. Washington pageant. She did AWESOME! This is only her 2nd pageant EVER, and she got 4th runner up! Her goal was to get into the top 10 and she made it into the top 5. So she was very pleased and she is so happy. So, I am so happy for her. That is something I could never do cause I HATE being up in front of people. She used to also but she conquered her fears. She looked awesome up there. She also had the only modest dress on and that was important to her so I am proud of her. Here are a few pics from the pageant. (Sorry they are so blurry. We need a new camera really bad.)

Here is Julie with 3 of her 4 kids. Jayce fell asleep so he wasnt in the pic. Her kids were so proud of her.
Here are her four kids: Wynter, Payton, Joshua, and Jayce. I took theis pic right before the pageant.
Here is Julie and her husband, Brad. He got to escort her on stage for the evening gown part.
Here she is with the lady that won the title. Julie said she is so happy this lady won. I cant remember her name but she is 49 years old. (She doesnt look it huh)
Here is a pic of my gorgeous sister. Can you tell how happy she is?
Here she is during her question part. She did really good on that too. I had a pic of her in the swimsuit part but didnt know if she would want me to post that online. She looked great! I dont think anyone looks better than she does in a swimsuit. (Lucky) . So, my mom and my sister, Candace made the trip to Washington and back in 2 days. 18 hour drive in 2 days. That was fun. (I guess.) The way there went way fast but the drive home took FOREVER! Glad to be home that is for sure. Julie's oldest daughter, Wynter, came home with us and will be spending a few weeks here at my mom and dad's house. Lukas has been LOVING having her around. So anyway, I am glad I got to go. It was fun. I am so proud of my sister. She did such an amazing job! We are proud of you! (By the way Julie, your daughter told us the funniest story ever about Joshua on the car ride home. We will talk to about that later.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lukas is still cute and funny as ever!

Lukas got a new lawnmower toy that he absolutely loves. He loves mowing the lawn with daddy so I couldnt resist getting own for him. It was a great purchase I must say. There are some more pics of him and his lawnmower later in this post. I got them out of order. Sorry.
This is how he looked when I went to wake him up from his nap so I could get him ready for church. He was OUT. I felt so bad for waking him up but he woke up in a good mood so it was ok. Isnt he so cute?

Lukas loves to play with his old bassinet and lay in it like he is a little baby. So today I found him laying in it, with no clothes on, and playing with dad's electric toothbrush. He is too funny.

These pics were taken at my parents house. Lukas loves playing with their dog, Nellie. As you can see he likes to play with her. He started a new thing where he puts food in his hand and teases he with it so she will chase him and he laughs and laughs. Someday we will have a dog for him to love. Hopefully.