Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lukas got this because......

NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!! That's right! Lukas is potty trained. We have been telling him for a while now, that if he wouldnt go potty in his pants anymore, he could get a wagon. He has been trying so hard and doing so good that the days of diapers are gone. Brian put the wagon together today and you should have seen the look of pure joy on Lukas' face. He is LOVING it! I guess he has officially turned into a big boy and I can enjoy a few months of no diaper changing until our little girl comes. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU LUKAS!!!!! (kinda sad though. Does that mean he isnt my baby anymore? In my mind, he will always be my baby.)

Last weekend, my sister, Candace and her family came to my parents for a little visit. This is Lukas with her little girl, Kambri. Isnt she just adorable?! She is seriously a BEAUTIFUL baby. Lukas LOVES her so much and always wanted to hold her. He is so excited for his baby sister that he can hardly stand it. He is going to be the best big brother. JUST 3 MORE MONTHS and our little girl will be here! We are getting more and more excited all the time. Hopefully the next 3 months will go by fast cause we are just getting so anxious to meet this special little baby.
(Sorry for the slacking on blogging. I have no excuses. Just laziness. I will do better.)