Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok... so you are probably wondering why Lukas has a patch on his eye and so here is the story. (It makes me sad just thinking about it so I hope I can write and have it make sense.) So last Wed. I took Lukas into see a pediatric ophlamologist (spelling?) because we have noticed that his left eye is kinda crossed. So I took him in not thinking it was really a big deal and wondering if I was even taking him in for no reason. Well.... it is a good thing that I did. The doctor said that he has a lazy eye that is caused because he has really poor vision in his left eye and so he has just stopped using it thus causing a lazy eye. He is actually considered legally blind in that eye. (I always thought that he could see just fine. Boy was I shocked.) So he has to wear this eye patch for 4 weeks over the good eye and then have it checked again to see if the eye has regained some usage back. But that isnt all. He also has to have glasses. I know..... my two year old in glasses. That is going to be fun. So the glasses will come in hopefully this weekend and then he will have to wear his glasses in addition to his patch. (Can I just say that that seems like torture to me?!) Then the doctor goes on to say that he doesnt really think that this will fix it and he is 99% sure that he will have to have surgery. WHAT?!? So I am really scared to death about the possibily of my little guy having to have surgery. Then I got to thinking, if he is considered legally blind in that eye, how is he going to see if we cover the good eye. So I cried the whole way home and got all worked up thinking that for the next four weeks my child wont be able to see but I cannot believe how well he is doing. The doctor said it will be hard to keep the patch on but Lukas could care less. He hasnt taken it off once or complained at all about it. And he is getting around just fine. You can tell he has to focus harder on some things and he really isnt that interested in reading books right now but he is getting around so good and it has made me feel so much better. I still feel like I am a mean mom every morning when I put the patch on him and then I feel bad when ever we go somewhere and everyone stares at him but I know that I have to keep doing it if I want to help him. Everyone says he will thank me when he is older. So right now we are just waiting for his glasses. (Hopefully those arent a nightmare trying to get him to keep them on.) And then in a few weeks we will hopefully know if he needs surgery or now. We are really hoping and praying that he wont have to so keep little Lukas in your prayers. I dont know if I could stand watching him go through that. But we will keep you posted and I will get a picture on here when we get his glasses. Hopefully he lookes good in them.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This past weekend we decided to carve a pumpkin with Lukas cause he gets so excited when we see them in stores. He was a pretty good little helper. He liked to be in the middle of everything we did which was ok since it was his pumpkin. We carved a bat into it eventhough I dont know if you can really tell what is is or not. We can cause we already know what it was. Lukas would look at the seeds and yucky stuff that we pulled out of it and say "That's gross mommy." I would have to agree. I made Brian clean it out cause I cant stand to touch that stuff. We got 2 more pumpkins that we will carve with Lukas when it gets closer to Halloween.

Lukas LOVES wearing my snow boots around our house. So I thought this was pretty cute when I found him pretending to wash dishes while wearing my boots. He always keeps us laughing that is for sure.

Can you believe we already got a big snow storm? I was pretty surprized my self. It snowed pretty much all day Saturday and when we woke up on Sunday morning, there was a ton of snow. We knew it was going to snow, but not that much. When we got home from church, Lukas wanting to go make a snowman so dad took him out (still in their church clothes) and made a little snowman. I dont know who was more proud, Lukas or dad. hee hee. But Lukas has liked looking at the snow and yes, he had to wear my boots out on the back porch and walk in the snow. It is going to warm up a little this week so I am guessing the snow will be all gone in a day or too. I am ok with that. I wasnt quite ready for snow yet. But hey, I am getting in the Christmas mode already! Yeah!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lukas' stick horse

When Brian and I were in Park City, we bought this stick horse for Lukas. Let me just say that HE LOVES IT!!!! He rides it a ton and he likes to wear his little cowboy hat with it eventhough he sometimes wears it sideways. I knew he would like it but I had no idea he would like it this much. He gets running around the house with it and he just laughs and laughs. We are thinking that since he has the hat and the horse, he might as well be a cowboy for Halloween. I think he would like that. I will just have to find a few more things to complete the cowboy theme and we will call it good.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Random Thought and Our Weekend

So last weekend while Brian and I were in Park City, I decided to watch the movie "Mama Mia" while Brian was in some meetings. It totally took me back to when I was in college. (If you are wondering why, let me explain.) My freshman year, I had a roommate named Tiffany and she had a cd with the song "Dancing Queen" on it. So we would always crank up the sound really high and lip-sync and dance all around our apartment to this song. We did it all the time. It was so fun. In this movie, they lip-sync and dance to this song too. So Tiffany, this movie totally reminds me of you! I hope you have seen it. (If not, go see it and let me know if it reminds you of our crazy college days.) So I had to put this song on my blog. I LOVE this song.

Anyway. Our trip was really fun. It was nice to get away for a couple of days. We did some shopping at the outlet malls and just kinda hung out and relaxed. I was so ready to see Lukas when we got home. It sounds like he had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Singleton. He got to go on tractor rides, and truck rides, jump on the tramp, and who knows what else. He did get car sick on the way to Jackson, so I hear. He puked all over himself and when I heard that I felt so bad for him. So Grandma had to clean it all up. I wish I could have been with him. (Actually, maybe it is ok that I wasnt there, or I would have had to clean up the puke.) He never gets car sick. But I hear the car ride home went better. I didnt get any pics taken while we were gone. Sorry. I just didnt think about it until it was too late. It got really cold and rainy while we were there so we couldnt do any outside stuff but it was still really fun. Now we are back home and things are back to normal. We still have Nellie though. My parents are picking her up tomorrow. Lukas will be so sad. Nellie wont though. She is tired of Lukas sitting on her, I think.